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February 2017 Update

The month of February contained a flurry of activities and flew by much faster than anticipated. Welcoming new volunteers, shifting to the new kitchen, painting the remainder of the school, finishing up construction projects, and implementing after school programs, consumed the majority of the month. The first Monday in February students welcomed three teaching volunteers from Switzerland with a traditional dancing ceremony. Later in the week Laura Eppinga returned from the Netherlands for her third volunteer project at KFH Community School. She will spend six months volunteering the school which will fulfill her internship requirement for her program at University. This month she finished painting the logo on the front of the school (a project she began when she was here in August 2016) and next month she will paint the mission statement and values on the front wall of the building.

Concerning education, the students made many strides in February. After school clubs and extra lessons began this month. Right now Culture Club and Scripture Club take place after school on Monday’s and next term Sports Club and Arts Club will be introduced. Extra lessons are held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for children who need additional help to excel in their classes. The students took their first exam this month and eighty percent of them passed which is wonderful!

February’s main emphasis, apart from educating the children, consisted of completing one major, and various minor, construction projects. The major undertaking involved electrifying, furnishing,painting, securing, connecting the plumbing, and moving into the stand alone outdoor kitchen. The minor tasks included: erecting the flagpole, installing the outdoor tap, painting the bare walls of the school, and rearranging the main office. Additional projects will not commence until April when the ceiling will be installed in the school (providing the necessary funds are available to finish this project).

During March, focus will move away from construction to concentrate instead on generating sustainable income for the school. The child sponsorship program is on schedule to launch during the month of March. Pairing each child with a sponsor will provide the necessary funds for the school to function. However, funding the school through sponsorship is only a short term fix. Supporting the school longterm requires engaging in local business prospects. In March we will start producing and selling blocks to provide much needed funds for the school. We also hope to invest in a second local project in order to sustain the school long-term.

February Update

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